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Combining Innovation, Leadership & Knowledge

to Bring Inventive Solutions to Life!


Entrepreneurial Innovations - Consulting - Project Management

ENTREPRENEURIAL: Bringing inventive solutions to life!

- Leveraging cutting edge technology & emerging trends, combined with the use of thought provoking innovation, in order to develop and nurture new products and solutions, for improved efficiency and individual user experiences.

Katre Enterprises is focused on taking ideas and technology to the next level, giving people and businesses the cutting edge tools and solutions, which help enhance the online experience…and benefit their lives.

CONSULTATIVE: Business & Communications

- BUSINESS: Includes Operations, Technology & Marketing Communications

- COMMUNICATIONS: Includes Marketing Automation, Print, Email & Web related solutions and software

Katre Enterprises will collaborate with your stakeholders to assess and analyze the weaknesses, strengths, gaps and needs to formulate solutions that serve to meet the goals of the organization. Solutions that mitigate risk and enable quality results from your teams and the organization itself.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Software Implementation (PMBOK Standards)

- PMO: Includes leadership role

- Supportive: Consultative role to assist and oversee the process development around the implementation as well as execution of the implementation plan.

- Controlling: Managing the compliance of all processes and related milestone approvals.

- Directive: Leading and managing the implementation project

Katre Enterprises provides Project Management oversight for your implementation, from needs assessment through launch that is inclusive of all stakeholders involved in the process, to ensure that all details & expectations are documented, approved and met during the implementation.

Contact Us: [email protected]