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Combining Innovation, Leadership & Knowledge

to Bring Inventive Solutions to Life!

About Us

Who We Are

Kathleen Derochea has worked in the graphics arts field for over 35 years. During that time, Kathleen has accrued a strong, technical knowledgebase in the graphic arts field, which, combined with her ability to lead teams while collaboratively working with her customers on solutions, has made her a respected and successful leader in the regional graphic arts community. Kathleen has built and led teams that were focused on the creation of successful solutions to workflow, products and services for both new and existing customers. Included in all of this is the successful oversight of the many intricate processes and resources involved in these projects, all while mitigating risk and adapting to constantly changing priorities designed to ensure expectations are met every time.

                                               Over the last few years, Kathleen has focused on working closely with her customers in an effort to assess and analyze their communication needs, with the goal for developing key strategies that included a transition to newer technologies and solutions designed to enhance her customer's business by reducing costs and streamlining timelines. These data-driven solutions have been delivered to a customer base that spans a vast spectrum of vertical markets, including heavily regulated industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare and Government, which require strict adherence to the privacy of membership and the data for each respective industry.

James Derochea has worked in the communications industry (20 years) and IT implementation industry for over 5 years. Over that time, he has helped govern his organization’s transformation from traditional systems and methods to scalable, technology driven ones systems and methods.

One of his significant focuses has been on managing the migration and integration of various

traditional communication methodologies into a single online platform solution that ultimately aggregated multiple legacy databases and libraries into one central, easily-accessible, content repository. James has also served as an innovation catalyst by introducing and implementing cutting edge

technologies to his organizations, including leveraging newly launched social media technology in unique, non-traditional ways designed to create solutions that enhanced the customer relationship, reduce costs and improve time to market. Additionally, James has also led the implementation of home-grown, automated communication platforms that leveraged the preferences and content for each individual customer, so as to produce solutions that were uniquely personal and relevant to the individual customers, while maintaining the privacy and integrity of the customer’s data, via permission based protocol, and accepted data privacy practices. This includes adherence to the strict privacy regulations of HIPAA, FINRA & SEC.

These systems, processes and platforms all leveraged newer technologies, combined with innovative engineering, to create solutions that significantly reduced costs, time to market, streamlined processes and enhanced the customer experience. As an example of these skills and accomplishments, James also has pursued provisional patent status for several inventions over the years. In 2007, James presented a healthcare related initiative centered around a platform that would enable the creation of health conditions and treatment effectiveness database. The idea was presented to a national expert in the Health and Human Services field, where it received a positive endorsement as a viable and potentially transformational concept.

Douglas Pietrafetta has also been in the graphic arts industry for over 30 years. During that time, he has been focused in crafting unique client strategies, as well as overseeing the implementation of solutions, which offer customers a chance to integrate their key business requirements onto a single “full service” platform. These solutions are designed to leverage the entire product and services platform of graphic arts, thereby eliminating or reducing customer cost, at the same time automating communication and reporting. These services and products would include collaborative workflow messaging, digital asset 

management, design, digital and conventional print, e-distribution, mail, fulfillment and database management, translation services and dynamic publishing. All of this is done through HIPAA compliance and SSAE16 Type II workflows, which deliver an electronic compliance paper trail, used to facilitate ongoing member communications and ultimately any audit needs a client might require.

Why Us

Katre Enterprises leverages cutting edge technology & emerging trends, combined with the use of thought provoking innovation, in order to develop and nurture new products and solutions, for improved efficiency and individual user experiences. We are focused on taking ideas and technology to the next level, giving people and businesses innovative tools and solutions that help enhance the online experience…and that benefit their lives.

CDO, James Derochea: "Technology & Innovation have always excited us! Together, they appeal to our visionary side & our fervor for 'looking at' emerging technology and trends, then envisioning new, innovative ways to leverage or re-purpose them."

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." ~ Alan Kay, Award winning Computer Scientist