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Combining Innovation, Leadership & Knowledge

to Bring Inventive Solutions to Life!

Our Projects

Our Current Projects


We have been working to bring an 8+ year vision to fruition, developing a potentially game changing platform that brings 2 very popular and sustainable online business segments together in a way that has not been done before!  

This unique platform has the promise of carving out an entirely new, online business segment or at the very least, create a unique sub-segment! Due to legalities related to protecting Intellectual Property (IP), we can not provide explicit details at this time, but stay tuned for the release of more information and details, as the project progresses. Expected launch date of the beta site is scheduled for Q1 of 2018!


More to come...

Our Previous Projects


The goal of this engagement was to increase efficiency, productivity and quality for the marketing department of a large health care insurer, while decreasing their costs.

                                               After carefully evaluating their existing processes and technology to identify areas that needed improvement, we overhauled or streamlined all of their marketing communications related processes. This led to the establishment of new production standards across the enterprise and a complete revamping of their marketing procurement and budget analysis processes, which ultimately led to an increase quality acceptance from 94% to 99.2% and an average of 15% cost reduction over each of the initial 2 years.

In conjunction with the new standards and processes, we led transformational change to their production strategy via the introduction and implementation of various innovative solutions. These implemented solutions included, Virtual Proofing, End-to-End Digital Workflow, Variable Data Communications, Web-2-Publish, Print-On-Demand, Brand Self-Service, Digital Asset Management, E-Kits, EZ Micro Site Template Builds, Embedded Video for E-Commerce & Member Education, and Social Networking engagement to get breaking or critical information into the hands of their members, immediately.

The culmination of these changes reduced overhead by 30% in the first year and reduced their communication spend by an average of 15% in year one and an additional 15% in year two, while trimming their time to market by nearly 50% overall.

Post Enrollment and Welcome Kit Automation

Overview and Profile:

The client is a division of a Fortune 50 health insurance company specializing in voluntary benefits. To service their national client base they utilize B2B as well a direct to consumer communication and have a call center relationshipChallenges and

Wish List:

The company desired to restructure their existing process to allow for editing and proofing the content in a user friendly, inexpensive fashion. In order to incorporate the more than 300 corporate logos of their client base in all member communications, there was an aspiration to move to full color variable printing. However, it was necessary to hold the existing price structure of “offset color shell and black variable print”.

- The customer needed to create an “asset library” where the art, text, logos and images of their work could be housed in a secure yet accessible way.

- There was the request to streamline the proofing process so edits could be reviewed prior to the approval of project designs and the determination of final formats.

- The client wanted to tie all member print production and distribution to a detailed reporting module for customer service to use when members call with inquiries.

- Last, the customer requested a solution that would institute a web based login with password protection, hierarchy viewing and permission rules.

The Solution:

Our solution integrated a proprietary software platform to manage a Web-2-Print solution utilizing full color on demand variable output while documenting every process through detailed, compliant reporting…a total program solution.

The Results:

The result is increased member satisfaction and retention.

- The shell and imprint cost structure was held for the new dynamic full color output.

- The client now saves days in the proofing cycle via the ability to proof throughout the process, rather than only at the time of output.

- The customer now utilizes an unlimited “asset library”. This enables them to manage all copy, art and images while guaranteeing that only the approved (compliant), up to date logos, copy, artwork, etc. are pulled into the document.

- There is now “real time reporting” on all activity.

- The call center is able to manage client inquiries as to status on enrollment materials (Welcome Kits, ID cards, etc.). 

The extent of reporting allows for a complete compliance trail to aid in any auditing process.


We were charged with building a Print Managed Services division from the ground up for a commercial printer in the New York area. 

Leveraging our years of experience in graphic arts communications, we developed and implemented a plan to launch the new division within a 90 days. We worked with their management team to identify and develop all of the business needs, functional processes and the relationships to internal and

external business areas and processes. We then documented and implemented the end-to-end workflow that included the integration of both proprietary and off the shelf technology to manage and execute the workflow.

The Print Managed Services Division went live within 3 months with their first client, a Pharmaceutical company that was entering a significant drug launch. They successfully managed their client’s high-demand printing needs during their drug launch with zero print or delivery issues related to business operations of the new Print Managed Services division.

Geo-Location Driven 20 Mile Radius Member Directory 

Overview: A large national Health Care Benefits provider, reduces overall costs, time-to-market, eliminates material obsolescence while enhancing the member’s satisfaction with personalized and specific communications.


In the fiercely competitive industry of health care benefits, the Benefits Directory business unit needed to generate updated information for nearly 4 million of its plan members. The traditional workflow would require that the 8 versions of the member directories be printed on large, web presses, perfect bound and mailed as costly flat packages, requiring standard USPS delivery. The challenge was to create a way of distilling down member specific information and then deliver it back in a more efficient and meaningful package. At the same time, the goal was to save members costs associated with this compliance product while improving their overall membership experience.


This national Benefits provider selected our company to implement a database management solution, rendering a digitally manufactured and conventionally mailed member guide, designed to provide various plan members with specific and unique information, referenced around a 20 mile radius of their primary residence.


In the end, we were able to take what had been a 200 to 300 page directory and distill it down to between 12 and 40 pages based upon the members unique plan requirements. Each member’s custom directory was assembled using both conventional and digital technology, creating in the end, a fully personalized communications deliverable.


"This concept has the potential to create an entirely new internet industry"

- G.I. (Solutions Architect, Boston-based Development Firm)

". . .from my experiences working with start ups, you may be sitting on a 7 to 8 or 9 figure idea here!"

- E.S. COO of large, national Marketing & Development Firm (with experience working with 100's of start ups)